TJShow is freeware

As of version 4.0, the basic version of TJShow is freely available for anyone. This means that, unlike other professional show control software, we do not charge you anything if you want to use TJShow, regardless of how big your show is. Due to this, however, we cannot provide you with personal support on using the software.

For professional customers, we offer a paid support bundle, which contains:

  • Technical support (by phone or e-mail)
  • Early access to new versions and features
  • Involvement in the development process
If you or your company is interested in a support subscription, please contact us for further information.

Are you a developer?

If you are a developer and want to make your hardware or software compatible with TJShow, please contact us to obtain the TJShow SDK (software development kit). With the SDK, you can create custom plug-ins for TJShow that provide output and/or input capabilities.

TJShow 4.0 Public Beta

You are invited to test the public beta version of TJShow 4.0! This version contains the latest features and improvements over the previous versions of TJShow. With the new TJShow beta, you can already start to use these features. Download the TJShow 4.0 public beta today and let us know what you think!

Download now!